There is no way to ever prepare for the unspeakable, but when tragedy strikes our lives, do we ever truly move on? We’re often told we have to, but the pain can linger, haunting us, refusing to let go. Perhaps there is a reason - a purpose for this pain. A teacher comes face-to-face with the surreal and unexpected, as he struggles to move forward with the guilt in the wake of a deadly school shooting. 

Executive Producer: Yardline Films/Jeff Ridgway

Date Filmed: August, 2018

Type: Narrative Short

Run Time: 13:23 mins.

Filming Location: Doraville, GA, USA


Aspect Ratio: 16:9



Jason Winn:


Director Jason Winn is an independent Director and Producer best known for such works as the critically acclaimed feature film The Fat Boy Chronicles, Lifetime Movie The Assault, family action-comedy Shifting Gears, horror film Dead Thirsty (aka Rave Party Massacre) and the adult drama Let's Make It. With 20 years of extensive production experience under his belt, Winn has executive produced two feature documentaries and directed the award-winning feature documentary Spiral Bound. Winn’s colleagues and former cast members attribute his continued success to his innate ability to inspire stellar performances from his actors as well as his intuitive talent for making films that are cerebral, emotionally charged, entertaining, and relevant. His ability to consistently deliver first-rate work and stirring performances demonstrates his vision and versatility.

To date, Winn’s most commercially successful work has beenThe Fat Boy Chronicles, a heartfelt and unflinching coming-of- age film that remained in the Top 10 most rented family movies on Netflix for over five years. In 2014, Winn directed the film The Assault , a bold, gritty and all-too socially relevant tale of a vulnerable, young girl who is the victim of a violent sexual assault and somehow becomes a pariah in her own community, due to the power and influence of social media, and the societal pressures facing today's suburban youth. The Assault, starring Khandi Alexander (CSI Miami) and Mackenzie Vega (The Good Wife), first aired on Lifetime Network on September 20, 2014, to rave reviews. The film garnered a three share during its primetime release and continues to air regularly on Lifetime Network.


Andrew Paul Howell:

Director of Photography

Andrew Paul Howell is a powerful storyteller. Kìnema gràphein (movement to write) and Cinematography, are his medium. He has been a member of the film and television community for over 20 years. Andrew honed his craft working his way through the electric department before returning to his first love, photography. Working alongside Emmy nominated director Richard Lopez, Andrew grew from his Gaffer, to ultimately becoming his DP. Together, Rick and Andrew created many acclaimed TV series; most notably, History Channel’s Emmy award-winning miniseries “The Men Who Built America." Through this project and many others, Andrew polished his skills, excelling in the art of making period films. Andrew’s love of creating beautiful images can be witnessed on History Channel, Discovery Channel, AMC, H2, CMT, TMC and by seeking out one of his many independent narrative projects. Andrew has 2 films touring festivals right now, Dandelions Andrew's first collaboration with director Jason WInn and 83 Days an award winning Social justice short that is Andrew's directorial debut.


Jeff Ridgway


Kathleen Hogan


Rico Paris